Earning ADA

Are you tired of bank saving accounts with almost zero interest? Cardano staking provides typical yearly returns of 5-6%.
We run the SAVE STAKEPOOL as a small and independent operator. The main goal is to support the network and avoid centralization through a few operators like exchanges.
Our efficient cost structure as is passed to our Delegators!

How staking works

Staking in Cardano is simple. You just need to delegate funds to a Stake Pool.
This does not require moving your ADA out of your wallet. All funds stay in your control.
The Stakepool takes care on validating transactions which generates Returns.
Returns then are distributed to all participating delegators every 5 days.
Delegators can switch to a different Stakepool at any time

Expected Rewards

Rewards are measured in ROA (Return on ADA). This is the yearly reward which you will earn.
Typical rates range from 5 - 6% in stake pools which already collected 3 Million ADA or more. With less delegated ADA there is a bigger distribution because being used as a validator is based on luck. So multiple epochs (5 days) may generate no returns followed by an epoch with according higher rewards. In the end it will anyways average out over a longer time period.
Beside of the pure pool size the return also differs based on the Operator defined parameters.

Pool Specification

The pool is configured with low fees but still equipped with powerful hardware to be prepared for a growing network.

  • 340 ₳ Operator Fee
  • 0% Margin*
  • 4 Core CPU
  • 16 GB Memory
  • Stable Performance

Performance: The hardware specification is much more powerful than the minimum specification. This will help avoid performance related issues in the future.
Operators Experience: I collected Cardano Pool Operation experience on Testnet already. All servers are hardened and monitored properly.

* 0% is applied until April 2021. Starting with May 2021 Margin will be set to 0.8%. We commit to never increase above 0.8%.

Privacy Policy & Usage Terms

  • Delegating to the [SAVE] STAKE POOL does not require disclosure of any personally identifiable information and is completely anonymous.
  • Stake delegation does not require transfer of funds. Your ADA stays in your wallet, Rewards are distributed automatically by Cardano. You can spend your ADA at any time without the need of un-delegating before.
  • Our hosting provider stores server logs for 14 days. Those include (URL, Browser, Operating System, Referrer, IP Address of the Requestor and a Timestamp.
    We do not have access to this data and also do not use it for Analytical or Marketing purpose. The hosting provider stores this information for error analysis purpose.
  • This website does not use cookies.
  • We do not send any data to third parties.